I have followed the instructions on KB816042 in the section configuring an
external time source, using the IP address of our Netware server as the
I get the following errors in the windows system event log.

The time provider NtpClient is configured to acquire time from one or more
time sources, however none of the sources are currently accessible. No
attempt to contact a source will be made for 960 minutes. NtpClient has no
source of accurate time.

Time Provider NtpClient: No valid response has been received from
manually configured peer x.x.x.x after 8 attempts to contact it. This peer
will be discarded as a time source and NtpClient will attempt to discover
a new peer with this DNS name.

The time provider NtpClient cannot reach or is currently receiving invalid
time data from x.x.x.x (ntp.m|0x0|x.x.x.x:123->x.x.x.x:123).

However when I run the w32tm /monitor /computers:x.x.x.x command this is
the output I get.

C:>w32tm /monitor /computers:x.x.x.x
x.x.x.x [x.x.x.x]:
ICMP: 27ms delay.
NTP: +123.6490168s offset from local clock
RefID: (unknown) []

C:>w32tm /resync
Sending resync command to local computer...
The computer did not resync because no time data was available.

So it seems like it is getting data from the netware server but I am not
Any help is greatly appreciated.