My problem is I have several files and folders that I can not delete.
The files have characters in the title that I can not duplicate here and
are word and url files. For example bob@#$_.doc and bob*&^.url.
The folders have nothing special about them and are empty but they do
have rename and delete inhibit checked but I am unable to change
these attributes.

I have tried deleting, and renameing these via NWAdmin, Consoleone,
cpqfm, filer, flag, dos attrib,
with no luck.

I have a clustered Netware 6.5 sp6 environment.

In NWAdmin I do get an error when I try to enter details on the files
Error 948, Error code 9:0x89A9, an error occured during an attempt to
get the objets effective rights

It then shows the details but I can not make any changes

Also cpqfm eventually abends the server

Cannot get to the properties via console one. Although in console one
"delete junction" is an option but it does not do anything when I click
on it I am thinking this has to do with the funky characters for the files.


Searching for solutions I found several suggestions.

nss /poolverify
nss /poolrebuild

Also a utility called fixlinks.nlm Although I guess this is handed out
to only those lucky folks with novell support contracts.

I was planning on running a Poolverify next on my 2 TB pool/volume. My
question or concern is how long can I expect this to run? With a
poolverify do I need to be concerned about loosing data? Will
Poolverify actually correct anything?

I have read on the boards of people waiting over 12 hours for a
poolrebuild. I am trying to find out what to expect with a poolverify.
I really can't take access away to this volume for 24 hours and then
if I am at risk of losing data and have to restore take access away for
another 24 hours not to mention I would really like to avoid spending my
weekend fixing this just because I can not delete a handfull of files
and folders.

Also if poolverify does not fix my problem will poolrebuild possibly fix
this? How long can I expectthis to run?