Is there a way in ConsoleOne or iManager to edit the acl on an alias object
(not the aliased object)?

I can make this work in nwadmin but it is very quirky. Details on nwadmin

Basically, nwadmin shows me the aliased objects acl instead of the alias
objects acl even with the options menu item "get alias trustees" is set.

It gets better. If I add a trustee, it will show me a combination of the
aliased objects trustees plus the alias object trustee(s) I just added -
until I close and reopen the trustee dialog. At which point it shows the
alias objects current trustee list (without any of the aliased objects
trustees)! Once I close nwadmin and start it again, it starts out at square
one again (it shows the aliased objects trustees).

So, one has to add a trustee to an alias just to see, or more importantly,
edit the real list. I certainly hope there is a better way to edit them in
one of the shipping management tools.

FYI... DsReports shows the alias object's acl if run on the alias object and
the real object's acl if run on the real object. Yet another reason I have
to like DsReports :-)