I got this message in ConsoleOne 1.3.6f "Please Wait, Waiting for NDS
Sync" when I try to create a new account. I can't click on any of the tabs
in user account page. And I can't click on the cancel button either.
They are all there, but they do nothing. I have to hit the X in the
upper-right corner and then I see a java window in the background that
says "NDS Object Sync" for the Window title and "Please wait, waiting for
NDS sync" is displayed with a little spinning globe. But can not go away.
I have to restart my PC to end the C1 program.

My tree has a nw6.5sp6 as a master replica and a nw6sp5 server.
My nw6sp5 server has been turn off while I was try to create an user
It should have no problem to create user account with C1 since the
nw6.5sp6 server as a master replica is online.