Here is what I want to do.

I have a group of Admin users that need to access and modify app objects.
These app objects are centralized.
The app objects have associations in different containers through out the
I want the users to be able to add associations without getting the error
602. I think this 602 is saying they don't have rights to the groups or
users from containers they don't have trustee rights.



I want users that only have trustee rights to the MAINT.O.T container to
see and modify app objects in the APPOBJ.O.T container. I also want people
in the ADMIN.O.T container to do the same. When I do this now the people
in MAINT.O.T get a 602 error for every association that does not resided
in their container. (This can sometimes be 20 to 30 time they have to
click OK on the error)

What is the best way to do this without giving to many rights. Any help
would be appreciateed.