Please help!!!

Qwest decided to change my network IP addresses and didn't tell me, well
they actually moved our Internet Account to a new circuit and didn't realize
the IP addresses wouldn't follow. So once I got new IP addresses and worked
with Qwest for 3 hours to get them to work finally, I can't get my server

I changed the Default IP, DNS, but I can't find where (if you do) change the
gateway. I get messages ever few seconds that it cannot communicate with
the other two servers in the network. I cannot PING from the server, and I
cannot PING the server either. I can access NRM (THANK GOD) since I am on a
computer at that site, so I checked all the items in IP Address Management
and everything is green.

Tried to run PKIDIAG but it says the SSL Cert and Default IP don't match and
it quits.

I know I am missing steps but I am pulling my hair out. PLEASE HELP!!!