I am running netware 6.5 SP6. Over the past few weeks I have been
having problems with rights assignments to folders with some groups.
Some users who exist in particular groups are losing their rights to
folders. Sometimes removing them and putting them back into the group
will work and it works dynamically. Other times the user has to be
removed from the group, reassigned and then log back in again to obtain
the rights and see the folder. If the user is given explicit rights to
the folder it always works so it appears limited to groups. I can also
create a new group, assign users and rights and the user cannot see the
folder until they log out and back in again. This is only happening to
one server and if rights are assigned to folders on other servers they
work as expected. I have checked after the creation of the group to
ensure all the correct attributes are added and they are.

Is this something to do with the NSS volumes on that particular server?