> What's up with SLP in Open Enterprise Server (Netware Kernel). I
> can't configure it in iManager nor in ConsoleOne and i don't think i
> should be using NWadmin32. So how to set up SLP?

It's strange. I checked the OES documentation, it it seems almost like
SLP for NetWare does not exist. The only place where it is meantioned,
it actually points to a chapter telling you how to confiure OpenSLP
with eDirectory on Windows.

My guess is that SLP for NetWare is kind of a dying component and as
such there is no new management tool for it. So NWADMN32 is probably
still the main tool.
There is actually an SLP snapin for ConsoleOne, but it is only provided
with eDirectory for Windows, and not with the NetWare version.
Teh SLP snapins for ConsoleOne are actually included in the "eDirectory
8.7 Snap-in for ConsoleOne 1.3.6" download from

Marcel Cox (using XanaNews