I am migrating 27 NW 5.1 and NW 6 Servers to newer NW 6.5 SP3 servers.
The older servers are running both (NFS NW5.1) and some NSS (on the NW 6
I want to migrate the data on the old servers using the Server
Consolidation Utility. The SYS volume on some of these servers will need
to be kept up for a while (some of the older servers are Replica and Zen
4 servers.)
I want to dismount the volumes on the old server without having the
clients be notified. On the first few servers, I was seeing a message on
workstations regarding a change in TTS. Is there a command that will
prevent this type of message from appearing on clients’ workstations if a
volume is dismounted (and the client may still be attached to the SYS