We currently have five NW 5.1 sp7 servers running eDir which we
are planning on upgrading to NW 6.5 sp3. Because of our MLA license we
would like to have all servers under one OU (which will contain the MLA

Our current tree looks like this:

-Server1, Server2, Server3, Server4

(BM is in a different OU due to a tree merge years back)

We are also running BM 3.8 sp3, GW 6.5 sp4, and Zenworks 3.2 sp3 (this
will be upgraded after the NW upgrade to 6.5).

Although I can find no TID on moving a server to another context after
Netware 5.0, from what I have read on the forums I believe I can do this
one of two ways:
Method 1
- Move the server object
- Move the servers volume objects
- Move the servers BM licenses (or delete and reinstall?)
- Move or recreate certificates and LDAP objects

Method 2
Since the BorderManager container has nothing but the BorderManager
server and it's associated objects I could:
- Make that container a seperate partition
- Move the entire partition under the Servers container (i.e.

I have asked for any BorderManager specific tips on the BorderManager
forum, but for Netware in general:

1) Am I right in assuming these methods would work?

2) Is one of them preferable over the other?

3) Is there a TID for moving NW 5.1 or 6.x servers?

4) Would it be better to do this before or after the NW 6.5 upgrade?

Thanks for any insights.