We are having trouble getting a new Netware 6.5 (OES) server installed into
our tree. The process fails during the eDirectory installation phase. At
the point of failure we get the error message:

“Edirectory has failed to install
Error code -746”

We are using the Netware 6.5 SP3 Overlay CDs and this is the third 6.5
server into the tree. We are running a mixed Netware environment (4.11
through 6.5). All pre-deployment steps were taken before the first 6.5
server was installed a month ago and two other 6.5 servers (identical Dell
hardware) installed fine. The tree appears to be healthy and all servers
appear to be communicating and synching properly. The server object even
gets created in eDirectory. The server in question is on the other side of
a dedicated WAN link (T-1) and WAN congestion does not appear to be an issue
(I also duplicated the problem at another remote site). I have tried the
solution presented in TID 10013671 with no improvement. The only major
change to the tree since the first two 6.5 servers were installed was the
installation of ZWfD 6.5.

Any help or insights are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Mark Leach
Network Administrator
Charlottesville City Schools