A NetWare 5.1 server with NDS 7.62c was upgraded to NetWare 6.5 SP2
using an overlay CD. During the upgrade, a non-overlay Products CD was
used in error. The upgrade could not install the Cert Server as the
file was not found on the non-sp2 product CD.

Using TID 10050254. we then attempted to install the Cert Server with
the correct CD - NW 6.5 SP2 overlay. However, the Cert Server installs
fails - "The PKI Install was unable to create the Organizational
Certificate Authority: Error Code: -603."

The pkiinst.log reports "pki.CreateObjects returned -603" and
"returnedInfo is -5"

We did use deployment manger to prepare the tree.

Using pkidiag fails in step 6 with the same error.

Researching this error, it would appear to be a missing attribute
error. Would this be correct?