Greetings all,

I'm trying out Netware and Zenworks for my company, and we are trying to
create a sample network before we commit to purchasing the product.

Basically, are goals are to provide 1 stop files server access to users so
they can access files from any computer within our 10 branches.
Additionally, we would like to have complete control of the desktops so
that we can push out new updates and images on a weekly basis, and
hopefully reduce the malware overhead we are currently dealing with.

In short, I'm wondering if there are any cookbookss or HOWTO's to create
similair networking environment with Novell products. We have downloaded,
and are in the process of reading the thousands of manual pages for
Zenworks and Netware, but we are not entirely sure what packages are
necessary for this type of implementation, and which are overkill.

For example, I believe I need iManage installed to get the full
capabilities of Zenworks. However, for this to work, I'm told I need the
Middle Tier Server. However, when I try to install this on the
Netware/Zenworks server, I get to a point where I'm asked for a 'Proxy
User' and I'm supposed to provide the full context (DN). I have tried to
use the 'admin' user with no success. Additionally, I have tried to find
documentation on how to create this user, what permissions they need, etc,
and have yet to find anything.

I will continue reading, but if someone would so kind as to point me to any
Netware/Zenworks cookbooks in the meantime, that would be very much