Hello, I am trying to install NetWare 6.5 on an Intel Dual XEON 3.2 GHz
machine with 2 200GB SATA disks and one 40GB IDE disk for the SYS.
Durring the install it goes to run Install.bat and I encounter the

System Fault Screen

System Halted Friday, Jan 1 1993, 12:00 AM

Abend on P00: General Protection Processor Exception (Error Code 00000000)

OS Version: Novell NetWare 5.70 July 3, 2003

.... Debug Symbols are enabled!
Running Process: Interupt Sevice routing (nested count 2)
Stack: 74 EA 52 .......

Additional Info: THe hardware detected a problem while executing an
interrupt service routine. The coad being executed is owned by
Loader.exe. It may be the source of the problem or there may have been a
memory corruption.

I found a TID while searching for a solution that I think may be of
interest: TID2934920