Greetings All,

I recently had 1 HD in my main file server (NW6.5 Box A) die - it is
running RAID 1 - so I ordered a new HD, hot-swaped it and tried to
rebuild. Rebuild failed because the HD that was still up and running had
too many disk errors. So I decided to start fresh.

I have a new server (brand new NW6.5 Box B) that I'd like to make my new
main file server. But I'm having a bit of trouble deciding how to go
about making Box B act like Box A did.

Should I get Box B up and running with a TEST name for fileserver, a
different IP address than Box A, then do an Arcserve copy of all user
data from old to new, then take Box A offline, rename Box B to Box A's
old name with IP address?

Problem is because I have so many HD errors on the still up and running
HD on Box A, I haven't had a successful backup in a few days.

Since Box A stored all NDS, tree, etc. information, I need to have this
exactly duplicated onto Box B.

I know this sounds completely confusing - but I'm desperate to get this
new machine running ASAP.

Thanks in advance,