I am trying to get hold of a copy of the media for reinstallation of a
novell 6 server. When this server was delivered to the company all they were
give was an email with the smart cert link. (i was not at the company at the

Details of the licence are:

NSBS 6 25 User e-License 128+ Product part no.: 131-000665-001

The download from this gets me the licence keys, (a psn file and a couple of
other files) no problem

along with:

NSBS 6 Server + 5 e-License 128+ Product part no.: 131-000662-001

When i come to download this however i get an error message:

File download failed:1036:Unable to parse header:1107:Error Code:1111For
more information, see the following URL:Invalid attempt to download a
product: acceptable number of downloads for this certificate has been

Now as far as i am aware this has only been downloaded once, and at the same
time as the top one, i.e when the company had this server setup so i am a
little puzzled as to why this one is being refused.

In addition i do not have any media disk at all, the person who took
delivery of this thing did not think that would be neccessary for some
bizarre reason, how can one be obtained, can i just download the evaluation
one and apply the licences to it, or is it a different file set?

Unfortunatly the company who originally set this thing up have now gone
bust, so contacting them is going to be a bit of a problem.

Any help would be most appreciated