We have 4 NW 6.0 SP5 servers, three of them are using NSS volumes. Our
Primary/Master server, however, is still traditional.

We'd like to convert the Tradional Volumes to NSS prior to our planned
upgrade to 6.5 on all boxes. I've read that the best way to do this is
to migrate the server with tradional volumes onto a new box with NSS,
then re-load the original box and migrate it back. Assuming this is
correct (and if you know of a better way, please say so), would it be
better to migrate the existing server to a temporary box, then Upgrade
the OS to 6.5 before/during the migration back to the original hardware?

How would the rest of you accomplish this? As it's our Master server
that we are dealing with, I'd prefer the safest, most effective method.