I am in the of a server migration from NW5.1 to NW6.5. After the wizard
downs the old server and copies NDS to the new server, it rebooted the new
server but the server never comes up.

It expreiences a critical error at startup. The logger screen shows the
SLPDA.nlm being loaded, then it shows Processing step 5 loading of nlms,
which are NLSLRUP, NLSADPT2, TCPSTATS, NIRMAN, and IPMCFG. They all show
to have loaded ok. But after the last nlm the server then shows
a "Warning! Server XXX experienced a critical error. The offending process
was suspended or recovered. However, services hosted by this server may
have been affected".

The server does not continue and locks up there. What can i do from this
point. Since I already selected to down the old server. Can I recover from
this error? What are the steps to bring up the old server, if possible. I
have spawn a new command line but no commands load. Could it be that added
the load slpda command?

In terrible need of some advise.

Thanks in advance