What is the best way to upgrade drivers that are already in
use/loaded? I have to update ipsraid.ham drivers on a NetWare 6.5
server and I was wondering if I can copy them into c:\nwserver and
reboot or do I have to do as the readme says below? I upgraded my
NetWare server to OES and it overwrote the raid drivers...now they are
mismatched from the firmware etc.

Also I have to update NIC drivers? Do I do the same - unload them,
run hdetect, and reload and configure?

TIA, Oksana

Installing or updating device drivers after installing NetWare 6.5

Note: If the device driver is already installed, do the following
before starting this procedure:

1. From the system console, type the following and press Enter:
Unload driver_name
driver_name is IPSRAID or AACRAID
For example: Unload IPSRAID

Warnings about mounted volumes may display in the console window.
Type Y for Yes to unload the module anyway.

2. Do not restart the system; go to step 1 in the following

Complete the following steps to install or update the ServeRAID device
driver after installing NetWare 6.5:

1. Start the NetWare hdetect utility program. From the system console,
type the following and press Enter:
load hdetect

2. Insert the ServeRAID support diskette for Novell NetWare into the
diskette drive.

3. When you see the prompt Sys volume not mounted. Load driver
anyway?, select
Yes; then, press Enter to continue.

4. The device driver window opens, showing a list of storage adapters.
Select Modify.

5. Press Enter to continue; then, select Modify.

6. Select the driver; then, press the Del (Delete) key to delete it.

7. When the next window opens, press the Ins (Insert) key twice to add
a driver.

8. When the next window opens, press F3 to specify a different path.

9. In the Specify a directory path field, type one of the following
and press Enter:

where a is the diskette drive letter.

10. After the installation program copies all the files, press Esc to
exit the hdetect utility.

Note: If you want NetWare to load the ServeRAID device driver
automatically during startup, you must add the appropriate LOAD
command to the NetWare startup command file (usually
C:\NWSERVER\STARTUP.NCF). The command has
the form:
load [pathname]driver slot=number [options]

For example:
load c:\nwserver\ipsraid.ham slot=1