A bit confused on licensing. Let me lay the tree out:

-ServerA (NW 6.5 sp3)
-ServerB (NW 6.5 sp3)
-ServerC (NW 6.0 sp4)
-ServerD (NW 6.0 sp4)

We did in place upgrades on A & B and found out later that new license
files were needed. Sentos emailed us "temporary" licenses which we
installed. Since then we've had general login/rights problems and the
answer from Sentos was basically get off the temp licenses and buy
correct ones.

The first thing we noticed is backsups via BackpuExec started to be
problematic backing up B from A. Loggging in as .admin.mex did not
allow rights to backup and/or see B. The licensing was installed under
the container .NYC


1. admin.mex should still have the rights from the licensing installed
to .nyc.mex correct?

2. Secondly, we have a 100 user VLA license and 70 users in NYC and 30
users in LAX so where do the license files get installed to? Each
container (NYC/LAX)?

3. Why wouldn't I install the licenses in the .MEX container and let
it propogate down?