I just transferred all our data to a new file server (35 Users - 1 File
Server) and shut down the old file server.
Old Server specs: Novell InterNetware 4.11 Compaq Proliant 800 -
PIII/600, 256MB, RAID w/ 3-9GB Drives - using about 50% of disk space
Upgraded to: Novell Netware 6.5 Compaq Proliant ML350T03 - Xeon/3.06,
1GB, RAID w/ 3-72.6GB Drives - using <10% of Disk space.
The problem is that a FoxPro (DOS) application is actually running 5-
10x's SLOWER when multiple users access it on the new server than it ever
did on the old server. All settings are the same in regards to the
workstations and the application.
Is there something (variable/switch) that I can adjust in Netware 6.5 to
get this to work as efficiently/quickly as it was running on the old file
It just seems strange to me that an "upgrade" would lead to anything
running slower - with all other things being equal. Just loading the
program used to take maximum of 4-5 seconds, now it takes a minimum of 10-
15 seconds with multiple users logged in. Changing screens (used to
happen at the blink of an eye) are now taking an average of 10-15 seconds
to load as well.