I'am migrating from Netware 6.0 sp5 to Netware 6.5 sp3 using the
consolidated cd. From the cd I have installed the Migration wizard onto a
windows XP Professional sp2 workstation with a novell 4.91 client with file
cashing off.
After the trustee info is backed up and file copy gets ready to start it
crashes with this error log info.

error occured migrating file error caused by netware API error:
Network error:volume invalid: (error code 0X8998 FunctionName:

I had no problems seeing my volumes when setting up my project.

Any Idea what the problem is ?
Currently I'am using the consolidation util to copy the files and plan to
use the migration wizard for the rest. Any issues if I go this route.

NOTE: prep on source ran dsrepair and rebooted with minimal services such
as file and print.

prep on destination did preinstall setup volumes to match.