Thanks in advance for any help!

The proposed setup is for a completely new NW6.5 server. All other servers
are 5.1, edir 8.7.3. Hardware of each server is very different.

Will these steps work? I'm particularly curious about how it will handle the
Certificate Server and what replica to put on the new server...

1. Pre-install by running nwdeploy
??? How does the "Prepare for Universal Password" work? Is this just
installing the code for Universal Password? Does 6.5 require universal
password and/or does it affect/change existing passwords?

2. Install:
* NDS health verification
* install NW 6.5 from the sp3 overlay CDs
* Install directly into the tree
??? Will I be prompted to install Certificate Server? Will it move the
current 5.1 certificate server to this server?

3. After install
* Patch
??? Once installed -- should I make it master of [Root] or put R/W replica
on it?
* setup SLP (different than 5.1, right?) Will it talk without problems to
our 5.1 SLP?
* install GroupWise