Can anyone help ? I've outlined the issue below:

4. The schema has been previously upgraded & 3 other servers have
been updated successfully.
5. NW Deployment Manager detected no errors
6. Installation went smooth to the end of the first GUI sequence
and then asked for a Server reboot. At this stage I remembered I forgot
to add a component to the Product list. I went back and attempted to add
the component but after choosing it, it also displayed that the Base
netware files was chosen as well. There were 3
options, Back, Cancel, Next. I cancelled at this stage and rebooted
the Server.
7. On startup the Server booted and then automatically ran the
installation sequence again.
8. The only way out was to rename the config.nw file as per Server
will not boot after an upgrade - TID10098405.
9. After rebooting again, the server came up with a split
personality. As shown below, eDirectory has been updated on the
Server Pav1:

10. The server is in sync and dsrepair shows no replication errors.
11. On bootup, the server console displayed Netware 6.5 service
pack 3, however in the NWConfig screen it still thinks it is NW 6 sp4:

12. It seems some components did not upgrade but the files have been
copied to the SYS volume. Eg: Apache 2, tomcat.
13. Console 1 or the Java console will not run so I cannot attempt
another re-installation.
14. Prior to re-naming config.nw, the server ran deployment manager
again and reported that it could not continue the upgrade as below:

Server Name: PAV1
OS Version: The NetWare OS version of this server is not supported for
this upgrade. Version: 6.50.3
NICI status: The NICI key length included on the source CD is less than
the key length installed on the server. The install cannot continue
because downgrading the NICI key length would cause all encrypted data to
be lost.
TCPIP encryption level: TCPIP Encryption level check failed.
Language: The language of the server to be upgraded is not included on the
source CD.
Product Keys and Version Check: The product keys transfer failed.
Certificate Check: Exception thrown:Error copying pkidiag files:
Check for 2TB Pool Size: Exception thrown:Error copying mmcheck files:
SYS Volume Size: SYS volume is 3933MB with 1754MB Free. Recommended size
is 4000MB with 3023MB Free. Minimum size is 2000MB with 1523MB Free.
Repair Schema: Exception thrown:[ExtendSchemaDetail] Error copying DS prep
Extend Schema: Exception thrown:[ExtendSchemaDetail] Error copying DS prep
Driver Check: Exception thrown:Error copying/loading HDetect files:

15. It seems that the upgrade has somehow stuffed up some
installation files on the DOS partition as the Nwinst.tmp and NWUpdate
folders are still visible.