Using the Migration Wiaurd, you can actually directly migrate from a NW
5.0 NDS7 server to a Nw 6.5 or OES server.
The conditions for this are:

- Your NW 5.0 server is fully patched, and you are running the lastest
DS.NLM for NDS7 (ds762c.exe even though this patch only mentions NW 5.1)
- The MigrationWizard will update your SMDR and TSA modules. During
this operation, if these modules are already loaded and have been used,
then it is possible that the attempt to unload them for the upgrade
will abend your server. If the server abends, no panic, just reboot
your server and start over again. You can avoid the abend by cleaning
up your AUTOEXEC.NCF to make sure no backup, SMDR or TSA related module
is being loaded, and then you restart your server
- You can *only* migrate form 5.0 to 6.5 with the Migration Wizard, if
you already have a server running eDirectory 8.6.x or 8.7.x in your
tree. If this is your first server to be migrated to NW 6.x, then the
Migration Wizard will not do the job to Migrate your 5.0 server.
In that case, you shoudl really upgrade to NW 5.1 first and then
install eDirectory 8.7.3 before actually doing the migration.

All in all, if you want to plac it 100% safe, follow Donald's
suggestion to upgrade to NW 5.1 SP8 first. You don't need a NW 5.1
license for that, but you can use the demo license included on the NW
5.1 installation CD in the license directory. Also, I suggest you
already upgrade your NW 5.1 server to eDirectory 8.7.3. You can
download eDirectory 8.7.3 from

Marcel Cox (using XanaNews