> I am working on a friends computer (used mostly by his kid) and
> for some reason they have NWCS on the machine. I know this because an
> icon is in the Start>Control Panel>Settings for NWCS.
> In addition, it's installation has block the use of fast switching,
> something which they need dearly.
> I have tried the directions on both Microsofts site and those on this
> site and the icon doesn't go away, nor does fast switching become
> an option.
> Any suggestions? Also, the kid doesn't remember installing NW, any
> reason a young kids would need to install NWCS? for a home compter (a
> game? spyware?)
> -Paul

Hi Paul

Is netware client installed on that machine? if so uninstall it along with
all the supporting services or protocols, especially if not needed. See below;
Proper way to install and uninstall the Novell client - TID10097140

Hope this helps, if not please tell us what you mean by NWCS, also what OS
this machine runs.