We would like some feedback on if we want to have one Tree or separate Trees as we get our Schools on-board.

Currently, we have a Dev_Tree and one O= for our employee network. It is a frame relay setup with one NetWare server per spoke on average - all will be at OES within a few months. About 60 servers at 512 and above speeds.

There are several spokes on the frame network that also have schools on-site. Under e-Rate funding, we are installing Novell OES servers within each school in tangent with Cisco managed switches. All school servers are being setup in a separate School_ VLAN network and have access out to the Internet via the frame - out through our Corporate firewall and Internet connection.. As of now, the O= is different for each school, but the Tree name is the same.

We're at a point where we're starting the larger rollout and want to stop and make sure we're doing the right thing as far as having separate Trees. The same Corporate people will be managing both Trees. We do NOT want students to be able to Browse the Tree and aren't sure how the [Public] group will play into that.

Anyone have comments on the best way for us to proceed? Have one Tree and merge the current School Tree into our main one? Keep it as separate Trees?