I have 2 test systems setup to play with my pre-mirgration project of
migrating from NW5.1/sp8 to NW6.5/sp3. All are at eDir I select
the pre-mig install of the NW65 and presto the migration from NW51 goes
smooth. Then I go to add in the extras to the post NW65 migrated server,
like ConsoleOne, using NW Deploy Mgr. All looks to install fine, data
flows, engins whir, bells ring, and presto, ConsoleOne is installed on
the server and now shows in the GUI. Only it don't work. Infact the file
structure is only partly there. Console error says "SERVER-5.70-
151:Unable to find load file SYS:PUBLIC\MGMT\CONSOLEONE\1.2
\CONSOLEONE.NCF". So back to NW Deploy Mgr. and do it again. Still
nothing. The files are not there. I installed iManager and got that
working fine, but no ConsoleOne. Am I missing something simple, like
maybe ConsoleOne doesn't work on NW65 server GUI? Thanks.