Hello All.
I want to begin by thanking everyone here who has in the past written me
advice for various questions. In what I hope to be among the last of my
Netware 6.5 Upgrade questions, I wanted to ask if using the Migration Wizard
is any more stable, safe, or robust than using an In-Place upgrade?

I have many servers across the US, and in my upgrade (Nw. 5.0 to 5.1 then
to 6.5) if using the Migration Wizard, I'd have to literally pack up servers
and mail them across the US to be able to 'cascade' them from office to
office. Seems like a lot of work, money and downtime to use this method for
most of my server upgrades when I'm just upgrading software, not hardware.

Seems like a silly question, I know, but I seem to remember reading
SOMEWHERE that Mig. Wiz. should be used instead of in-place upgrade. (don't
quite remember where, and also can't find it now ...)