I have a server that was upgraded via migration from netware 4.11 to 6.0
a few years ago. It's only problem is that it started to run out of
space, but since it has a PERC3 controller and is running RAID 5, I
thought that there would be no problem adding a pair of drives and adding
the volume space to the existing "work" volume. I added a single drive to
the array and used the PERC3 Bios program to add the drive to the RAID
configuration. Documentation says to use Console One for disk management
Running Console One from the server will not allow logging into the disk
management area, and running Console One from a workstation does not
allow any maintenance - the RAID section shows no pool but does show 4
segments. I am reluctant to create a RAID Pool and risk trashing the
existing volume. Console One shows partition and volume information for
the original drive configuration (following migration) but shows the
owner of the volumes as ".Supervisor"..... Any ideas about where I could
start to try to solve this puzzle. HD space is hovering at about 5% which
is toooo low.