Just trying to install onto the following system:

Asus K8VSE Deluxe motherboard w/ Athlon 64 3200+ processor
2 x 512MB RAM (1 = Corsair & 1 = OCZ)
2 x 80GB SATA HD (1 = Hitachi & 1 = Western Digital set up as mirror raid)
1 x 160GB SATA HD (Western Digital)
1 x DVD/CD Burner Rom Combo (Hitachi)
1 x CD Rom (Hitachi)
1 x Asus 128MB Video Card
Onbaord NIC, Sound, etc., 450Watt Power Supply (levels seem to look OK)
Ambient board temp. = ~36degrees C
Ambient CPU temp. = ~42degrees C

I have setup the two 80GB SATA drives in a mirrored RAID setup on promise
RAID controller (onbaord) with 160GB SATA HD on the VIA SATA RAID
controller (with no array defined) and start the install process. When it
comes to the HAM driver area (I think?), it loads and hangs on that screen
(I let it sit idle for over 3 hours and still no activity on HDD at all).
Any ideas?