Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of some good
documentation pertaining to installing 6.5 servers into an existing 6.0
tree? We're looking for information regarding migrating DHCP, DNS, time,
printing, SLP, and LDAP services to the new 6.5 servers, in addition to
information regarding ZEN inventory and applications, just as examples.
We're interested in answering questions like does a server providing DHCP
services require a replica to exist on the server, and when we would
remove the old 6.0 servers from the tree. These are just examples of our
questions - this post is to (hopefully) find some good TIDs,
documentation, etc. from Novell on these topics. We're not looking for
direct answers to the questions. I would think there would be guides
easily located, but we're coming up blank. Any good books would also be
an option.

Thank you.