I installed nw6.5sp3 on my test ibm x345 that I started with 6.5sp2
overlay. I had the common problem of the volumes not mounting, saw the
mention of the partfix utility, downloaded it and ran it from floppy.
"reset server" and it came back up just fine. then installed the OS
(server), NSS and cifs post sp3 patches.

My question is, when I go to install sp4 on these systems, will I need
to again use partfix? or now that its been 'fixed' will things be ok?

Is that the current prefered fix to the issue instead of rolling back
the drivers? I didn't try doing that since it was just the test system
and tid 10093547 states this will be the prefered fix.
the link to the filefinder does find a partfix2 now.

Michael Alexander
Network Administrator
Milwaukee Valve