We currently have the following setup.

Single Server HP ML370 G3 environment
Netware 5.1 sp7
Proliant PSP 7.1
Edirectory 8.7.3 (DS 10550.98)
NICI 2.6.7
PKIS 2.7.0
3GB Memory
Provides DHCP services but not DNS
HP RAID 5 Configuration (SYS-Conventional, other Volumes-NSS)
150 User license

We don't really have any certificates in use so security
reconfiguration issues
relative to certificates is not an issue.

Groupwise 6 sp4 - WebAccess not configured

We also currently have on the network a Windows 2003 Server 3 server
setup with
active Directory, a Citrix Metaframe Standard Server, Imaging System
Server with MSSQL,
a IIS web server (for intranet use only). The Active Directory
Domain Controller currently
provides DNS services to the Windows 2003 servers but not to the
Novell Client Workstations
or the Netware 5.1 server

We have a similar HP ML370 G2 server that will be adding as a 2nd server
to the network.

Our plan for the setup is as follows:

Add 2nd server to the network.
Server will be configured with OES using the Netware Kernel option
(NW 6.5 sp4)
Initially we would keep the Master Replica on the NW 5.1 server with
a RW replica
on the NW6.5 system until we determine that new server is stable,
then we would
move the master replica to the NW6.5 server and the RW replica to
the NW5.1 server

Initially the Groupwise system will be moved to new NW 6.5 server
including the
configuration of Groupwise WebAccess, Apache Web Server and Tomcat
applet server. We
will then upgrade Groupwise to version 6.5 (GW7 has just been
released and we generally
do not install new software releases this early in their product cycle).

Some of the smaller individual companies comprising the main company
operation will be
moved to the NW6.5 server and will comprise the testing of stability.
Once the stability
of the Netware 6.5 system, network and appplications is determined,
the existing NW5.1
server will be upgraded also to OES (NW6.5 kernel). We will
ultimately do testing of
the OES Linux kernel for addition of an additional server later.

This is my first multi server setup outside of training classes. The
ML270 G2 was the
original server migrated to the ML370 G3 server. This server will be
blown away installed
from scratch.

What are the things to be concerned about and what is the best plan off
attach to perform
this addition to our network.

Plan is as follows:

1. We updated edirectory and NICI already
2. We will run NWDeploy to make certain the existing network is
ready for the NW6.5
3. NW6.5SB has a select of server types to setup. I have not
checked as to whether
this setup option exists with the standard NW6.5 install. If not
what is recommended
as the components to install as this server will be hosting the
GW system, including
providing webaccess services. We are thinking about the
following options:

Apache2 Webserver and Tomcat 4 Servlet Container
Novell Imanager 2.0
Netware Web Search Server (is this recommended or necessary???)
Netware DNS/DHCP (DNS would be secondary and coordinated with
the Windows 2003
Server DNS which would be primary.
Novell eGuide (is this recommended or necessary???)
Novell iFolder Storage Services
Novell Virtual Office Framework (???)
WAN Connectivity (is this needed as we only have a single
4. Install the new NW6.5 into the existing tree.

1. NICI-how will this be handled. Will it automatically be
transferred to the NW6.5
server and what if we have problems and need to take the NW6.5
server off line
2. Any recommendations on the proposed options to install
3. How and when to handle the replicas and how long can we leave
master on the NW5.1
4. I see edirectory 8.7.4 is now released. Should that be installed
prior to installing
the first NW6.5 server.
5. With two servers and the Groupwise WebAccess on the NW6.5 server,
that server will be
behind a cisco pix, but not in a DMZ as it will also be serving
users on the inside
for normal system operations. Any major concerns with this?
6. Any other comments or things to consider.