Hi, we are upgrading our 4-node cluster from nw 6 to nw 6.5. We need to
start from nw 6 sp5 so I have applied the support pack. I have upgraded to
java 1.4 too. Everything seem to go OK but netstorage has become
unaccessible from the ichain accelerator. In order to have SSO capabilities
we use a special gadget written by novell consulting (but unsupported by
NTS). It uses a program in java (icslogin.class) located at
webapps/.../classes. There is a TID stating that this program "will not work
on other versions than java 1.3 amd tomcat 3.3. When I found this TID it was
late for one node, so I downgraded the java machine to 1.3. But the gadget
is still not working.

Anybody knows this gadget and can help? Is there any change in
Netstorage/Tomcat in SP5 that may prevent the gadget from working?

Thanks a lot.
(I am duplicating this post in the ichain forum, I apologize for that).