I 'm trying to install Netware Small Business Server 6.5 SP 3 on a new
machine with the following configuration :

- Motherboard MSI MS-9152 ATX Server Board with Hyper Threading
- Chipset Intel Lindenhurst-VS MCH and Intel Hance Rapids ICH
- CPU XEON 3.00 GHz
- 1GB DDR400 RAM
- ADAPTEC AIC-7901 Ultra-320 SCSI controller with 2 HD MAXTOR ATLAS IV U320
(73 GB)
- HD MAXTOR S-ATA 6L80M0 (80 GB)
- Broadcom 5721 Gigabit Ethernet controller (PCI-Express)
- Broadcom 5705 Gigabit Ethernet controller (PCI)

When install begin to start, at the loading of NBI.NLM, I obtain the
following error message :

NBI-2.36-11 : Warning : this version of Netware does not support protected
mode BIOS accesses. Without a loader patch some PCI drivers may fail.

Is it a incompatibility between my configuration and NSBS 6.5 ?

Thanks for your help.


Luc Renotte
BTK SA, Belgium