OK, I've run migwiz and I'm doing the backlinker process now in the
final step. My server console is sitting with the following and I can't
tell if it's done, still working, or what. One of those little bars that
show the percent done would sure be nice here Novell....just to let me
know things are alive and well. Can anyone tell me if I'm done, need to
be patient, or should be alarmed? Thanks for a quick response.

~~~~ Here's my dstrace screen contents ~~~~

Novell eDirectory Version SMP 10551.78, 1/22/2005

2005/09/05 20:27:57 * Checking references ...
Checking references for .+. ...
External References checked: 1
External References present: 0
Checking references for .WOODSHOLE. ...
Servicing Backlinks for 0 servers
Objects reference checked in partition 4: 2203
Finished reference check succeeded
Saving reference check configuration parameters succeeded
RemoteGetReplicaRing iterationHandle = 00000000.
RemoteGetReplicaRing iterationHandle = 00000000.