Hi There!

We are attempting a lab run of an upgrade happening this
comming weekend.

We have a server with an IDE Disk NW50. We are installing a
36GB SCSI Mirror using an adaptec 2120s controller.

netware is loaded on the lab nw65 server via ide disk. I
installed and configured the scsi raid mirror. Netware see's

I created a 1gb partition for DOS at the start of the array.
formated it /s. started netware and mirrored the sys volume
to the array.

restarted in dos, xcopyed the data from the ide to array dos

Booted from the array, netware starts to load and gets to
the aacraid which loads ok and just sits there.

If I start server -na -ns I get to type in all the commands
manually and they load fine, from the startup.ncf.

I can't seem to mount the volumes, everything I type just
gives me unresolved.

However if I load -na from the ide disk, it automounts all
the volumes, but if i -ns -na the ide disk and then
type the commands manually the same thing happens, no
volumes mount.

What am I missing here? What loads before autoexec.ncf and
after startup.ncf that I am not doing?