I am getting ready to install NW6.5SP3 on new hardware and insert the
new server into our NW6.0SP5 tree. Everything is in a single location.

Are there likely to be any conflicts between the two OS?

I see that our 6.0 server are runing eDir and 6.5sp3 installs

Do I need to upgrade eDir on the 6.0 servers before inserting the 6.5
Any gotchas?

Would there be an issue running DSREPAIR from either a 6.5 or 6.0
server with both in the tree?

Eventually all 6.0 servers will be retired after being replaced by new
6.5 servers. Both will be in the tree until everything looks safe.
When should the Master replica be moved from a 6.0 to 6.5 server?
Any gotchas?

Are there any gotchas moving services over such as SLPDA, ZEN inventory
DB, Certificate server, etc?

Files will be copied with the consolidation utility so no problems are
expected there.

Any TIDs that may point me on my way would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dave