We are in a single server environment (NW 6.5 and patched to SP3). We do not use Apache or any iManger products. Use IP only and no IPX.

I am confused as to this newest patch in that the documentation states:

"Installing OES Support Pack 1 for NetWare is the same as installing NetWare 6.5 with Support Pack 4. The codebase of OES Support Pack 1 and NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 4 are the same. You can upgrade to OES from previous versions of NetWare. Upgrading to OES on NetWare is essentially the same as upgrading from previous versions of NetWare to NetWare 6.5 SP4 and OES SP1 for NetWare. Unless otherwise noted, all previously available functionality of NetWare 6.5 still works."

I guess my confusion is, if I am not using Open Enterprise (I guess I am not using it), do I really need this SP4 and if I apply it, will there be issues I do not want to be bothered with? I just need some assurances that if I install SP4, will I have problems.

Sorry if I appear to be in the dark but I would appreciate any insight and enlightment.