We have successfully installed NW6.5 into our network
consisting of a NW5.x server along with a 3.12 server.
We are planning on replacing the 3.12 server with the 6.5.
The only thing that exists on the 3.12 server is a old acct
app used by about 30 people nothing exotic. Before we begin
using the new server (although it was successfully installed
in the tree) is that we wish to copy over the acct app from the
3.12 server to the 6.5 and test some users logging in and using the app.
The app has the specific server name embedded in it and we eventually
need to change the name of the new server to the old but for right now
how do you recommend we testing it?

Should we:
1. Change the server name of the new server to the name of the old
server (after taking the old server down) and then test the application?
Does that affect anything that has been done in the NDS which has the
new server name. And then change the name back of the new server and
bring the old one back up, or is that not recommended.

Any suggestion is appreciated. We are just looking for a way to test
this before we actually move to the new server