Ok....As I discussed before....I installed SP4 last night on a Cluster Node
before going home, and the server failed to boot, instead wanting to provide
a crash dump having abended somewhere while executing a function call to
LIBC.NLM whilst running RPM.NLM.

Some members have said this might have been due to having extracted the
archive while McAfee's Viruscan 8.0i was loaded. I took that to heart, but
it was getting late, I was getting frustrated, and there were three other
cluster nodes handling the services (isn't clustering wonderful in cases
like this!!!!!!!).

So, this morning I removed Mcafee from my laptop. Rebooted. Unarchived SP4
locally and copied it up to another server.

Since I obviously could not bring the crashed server up, I brought it up in

SYS:\ETC\INITSYS.NCF (Lets me access SP4 over the network)

All set now. I reran SP4. Same results. Crash.

Moved to down server upgrade (TID #10090315). Server Up and happy again.

Life is good.

So, I'm still scratching my head, but, I guess I'll sit back and see what
shakes out.

Pete Fanning