FYI I've had a problem with a server that has an Intel SDS2 motherboard
and Mylex AcceleRAID 352 RAID card after applying SP4 to a server
running NW6.5 SP3.

Basically the server appeared to upgrade fine but after restarting the
server didn't come up and instead went to the NetWare Debugger shortly
after startup.

Loading 'SERVER -na' to not process the AUTOEXEC.NCF file didn't stop
this behaviour but 'SERVER -ns -na' did so I'd narrowed it down to
something loaded by the STARTUP.NCF file.

At this point I then started loading modules by hand and then found that
when the RAID driver MDACFSI.HAM was loaded the server would enter the

Hmmm ... since the MDACFSI.HAM was the latest available (from both Mylex
aka LSI Logic and Novell).

Then I realised that there was a slight pause before the Debugger
appeared, almost as though something else was being loaded first.
Noticing that MDACFSI.HAM auto-loads SCSIHD.CDM I then tried loading the
SP3 version of SCSIHD.CDM before MDACFSI.HAM and the server behaved.

So latest version of MDACFSI.HAM (7.00.16 15-Nov-2002) and SCSIHD.CDM
(3.03.02 30-Jun-2005) caused the server to enter the NetWare Debugger as
soon as they were loaded.

Using the SP3 version of SCSIHD.CDM (3.02.09 27-Jan-2005) fixes the problem.

Now of course the question is what does the newer version of SCSIHD.CDM
do that the SP3 version doesn't (other than break my server!)?

The RAID card has latest firmware, BIOS, etc.