Hello all. My first server (In-place) upgrade worked fine, after a few
problems. I just wanted to post this so others can learn from my errors.
Really, the process was fairly simple. Made 2 directories (65a & 65b) on
VOL2 of the target server and copied the two discs of (overlay) Netware 6.5
SP4 to each directory so I could perform the 6.5 In-Place upgrade faster
than a CD would allow.

Upgraded the Netware 5.1 SP 5 to SP8. Rebooted to Netware. Version command
to make sure NDS and Netware were properly upgraded. Then I did a StartX
command, chose the Install command from the Novell button (lower left corner
of the GUI screen)

I had an error, regarding PKI. I had a -1260 unable to create objects
during the install. I tried using PKIDiag.nlm, but it would not resolve the
error. Kept having 1 fixable error, but it was not being fixed.

To make a long post a little shorter, the Certificate server was origionally
setup to run from our backup server, and all those NLMs were REM-med out.
So the upgrade couldn't find NILE.NLM anywhere on any server. I couldn't
install any licenses during the upgrade of Netware. So, after figuring out
what to do (I loaded the block of commands, NILE, HTTPSTK /SSL /keyfile:"SSL
CertificateIP", PORTAL, NICIDSI, SASDFM, SAS, PKI.) I was able to
successfully run the PKIDIAG and correct the certificate problem. I
finished the install, and rebooted Netware 6.5.

The only other problem I had was that I had difficulties loading remote
manager to get into iManager with no licenses installed (A bunch of users
had kept their PCs on, and they were trying to Auto Reconnect.) Then I
finally logged into iManage, went down the left side of the web-page to
Licenses, and installed my licenses into the root of the tree.