Hello everyone,

I have been assigned to merge a tree with our tree and also their GW
system with ours. Let's say ours is tree A and the other is tree B.
Tree A will be the primary tree and tree B will become part of tree A as
an Organization (or would it be better to become an Organiztional Unit?)

Tree A's network environment:
Edirectory, single tree, one partition, 8 R/W replicas, 9 servers
(8 nw65, 1 nw5.1) GW 65, ZFD 3.2, about 400 NW users and 1100 GW users.

Tree B's network environment:
NDS 7, single tree, one partition, 1 master replica, 1 server (nw5.0 no
sp) GW 5.5 no sp, about 50 netware users and 60 GW users.

Is there a procedure that I need to follow for this merge to happend?
What about the GW system (i know this is not the right forum) what would
happend to the GW system if we decide to merge the trees?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.