Mike Wrote:
> I'm having some problems getting logged into the SSHD server on Netware
> 6.5 SP3 Open Enterprise. I have started the server and the context is
> correct in the sshd_config file. It will connect then give this:
> ----Cut from putty display----
> Only users with supervisor rights to this server can access console
> screens.
> Press any key to disconnect.
> ----End Cut----
> I'm trying to login as admin. I have putty setup to SSH 2 only with
> the
> keyboard-interactive auth on. (as mentioned in Novell documentation) I
> have checked the host name and everything looks good. The SSHD log
> file
> gives this message:
> error: isBomaServer() - NMAS_FindLoginSequence failed err =-1660
> Accepted password for admin from (ip here) port 1524 ssh2
> I have seen other posts with this problem usually after upgrading to
> SP3 with no reply for a fix. This is a fresh install of 6.5 SP3.
> Thanks
> for any help.

I am having the exact same problem. Is anyone else having the same
errors. I tested NW6.5 sp3 OES in a test environment and everything
went fine. Has anyone found a solution to this? Thanks