Hi all

I've beeing trying out Netware 6.5 using the eval version on and off for a
couple of months now

I gave our distributor a ring today to ask about licence pricing.

He told me that NW65 had now changed to Novell Open Enterprise Server (upg
part 873-008093-001) and the you get NW6.5 and Linux in the same box. The
price is about the same as I had been previously quoted for 6.5

My main two questions are

1) Can I "apply" the licence in this Enterprise box to my eval 6.5 server ?
I'm not interested in the Linux bit at the moment

2) The licence packs seem to come in 5,10,25,50. If I buy a 25 user pack can
I then 'add' a 10 user pack later to make 35 users total ? The price jump
for 50 is a bit big

Thanks in advance

Andrew Kennard