I will be upgrading my NW5.0 server to a brand new NW6.5 server. I would
like to start pretty much from scratch in order to remove some of the files
and directories carried since the original migration from NW3.11 (3.11, 4.0,
5.0 and 6.5).
Is there a tool that would allow me to copy some of the NDS info and
properties of the NW5.0 and bring them to NW6.5 (users, group, ...)?

I am planning on buying an HP DL380 with 4GB of RAM and 4 x 36.5GB (3 in the
raid5 and 1 as a spare).
Can the raid5 be expanded by just adding another drive thus increasing the
size of the logical drive in a NW6.5 environment? (or does it make more
sense to put right away a 4th drive in the raid5?)

What is a good size for the SYS volume?

Thank you.