Hello all,

First, I did read the above post and felt that my situation has a little
more than what was listed so I started my own thread.

I have upgraded 3 of my 5 servers to SP4 without a problem. I went onto my
4th server and now I am stuck.

It has hung at 92%, CPU utilization at about 40%, Unload java (Which appears
to be unloaded) and yes all the blood is out of my face and my knees have
snapped like toothpick. It has been nearly 1.5 hours.

This server does file and print, DNS, DHCP, Virtual Office, and iManager
duties. That is all.

I have an error on the Alternate Console Screen:

NMASInst: Error -610 creating method

I am afraid to do anything. I still have file services. My backup is about
2 months old (yes I know, don't beat me up for it).

I have called a few people and they say, "never seen that before". I am
about ready to call in an incident, however, I want to make sure that there
isn't something so stupidly easy that I can do.