Has anyone upgraded from NW6.5SP2 directly to NW6.5SP4? Do you think I could do it?

I held off on "patching" to SP3 because I wasn't sure if I wanted to "upgrade" to OES for NetWare. I've been confused about the whole NW6.5SP3 and OES for NetWare issue. I'm even more confused about the NW6.5SP4 and OESSP1 for NetWare issue. Should I use my original OES for netware CD's to upgrade to OES or shoudl I install SP4 as I have done previous support packs without regard to this whole NW6.5/OES versioning issue?

If I can upgrade to NW65SP4 from SP2, will I be at OES for Netware?

After applying SP4, I won't have to "Upgrade" to OES, correct?

The only thing I will have to do is upgrade the iManager to version 2.5, correct? Then maybe re-apply SP4 in order to get the iManager 2.5 updates?

Why doesn't SP4 upgrade iManager to version 2.5? What is the difference between iManager version 2.02 and 2.5?

At times I seem to fall behind when it comes to installing all those little patches that come out between support packs. Once I install the latest support pack, I shouldn't have to install everything that was released between it and the previous one, correct?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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